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Who we are, What we do, and Who we Help

Founders:  Don McNeal and Marlin Page

Founders: Don McNeal and Marlin Page

The Big Picture

The No Excuses Movement mission is to annihilate the excuses keeping you from reaching “your” definition of success while helping to stomp out Multiple Sclerosis and Empowering Women in Technology.  Interesting combination, but keep reading it will all make sense, (Trust Us.)  Our motivational line of T-Shirt’s and Accessories provide a simple message of empowerment and hope.

About the Founders

Don McNeal, Former Professional Football Player for the Miami Dolphins and University of Alabama and his niece, Speaker, S.T.E.M. Strategist and Technology Executive Marlin  “Excuse Annihilator” Page started the No Excuses Movement as they were faced with and overcame life challenges.

During his time at the University of Alabama, Don helped the Crimson Tide win two National Championships and during his time in the NFL he participated in two Super Bowl Games and was named one of the 50 greatest players in Crimson Tide history and one of the Miami Dolphin’s top 100 players.  A few years ago Don was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, his life changed physically, but not mentally as he refused to make excuses for not living a full life.

Marlin Page, is a Globetrotting Speaker, Founder of Sisters Code, and Technology Strategist empowering girls and women in S.T.E.M. and Life.  As  former coder, Deputy CIO, and Technology Executive, Marlin spent a great amount of time as the “only” female at the corporate table, however she never made an excuse for not “showing” up and advocating  for more females  in the field of technology as well as bridging the technology divide.

Helping others…One Excuse at a time!

A portion of the No Excuses Movement’s proceeds go to:

  • The fight against Multiple Sclerosis
  • Empowering Females in Technology

 The No Excuses Movement…. Helping you get out of your own way, annihilate excuses, and reach “your” definition of success!